Priority for each project. Maximum attention and involvement in each Clients’ question or problem.

 Proper unique data control methodics. Big experience in conducting field works allow us to predict beforehand potential problems and difficulties, which may occur during data collection. Based on this experience, we build proper instruments for quality control of the primary data.

 Individual approach. We elaborate study approach based on the all factors that are important for the respective market, and perform each project proceeding from the specific clients questions and objectives.

 Reasonable costs. – We highly value our professionalism, and would not propose to the Client unnecessary jobs or solutions just to fill the volume.

 Large library of survey solutions. Solutions which had just passed the running-in stage, adaptation and are ready to be fully used. Our Clients don’t waste of their time and money on receipt of necessary information by method of probe and mistakes.

 Clear and easy-to-use presentation of information for making business decisions.

 Confidentiality and data protection. In XPLANEis implemented a method of storage and safe handling of the data. You can rest assured of the safety of commercial secrets of the ordered research.

 We are always open and ready to solve promptly any question till, during and after survey conducting.

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