Our company has the knowledge and practice not only in the field of marketing research, but also in advertising and marketing in general, so often we offer our customers not only to conduct surveys but also the response options that defines objectives of marketing, which stand in front of the client. Our staff has experience both as an agency, as well as an exceptional representation of customer’s needs and requests – this allows us to understand at maximum, the customer’s preferences.

The most valued thing we have at the moment, are our qualified specialists:

 with studies in the field and experts in most markets for products and services of the Republic of Moldova
 with understanding the customer’s research needs
 with professional experience in researches from 15 to 20 years

In the company XPLANE are activating 15 permanent employees and 60 interviewers in Chisinau and other regions of the country.

XPLANE company has its personal center to perform surveys by telephone after CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing), in which is used special equipment (telephones and computers) for 25 work places.

For carrying out surveys it is used the software Evoix CATI / Web fieldwork system®. The technology used completely corresponds to standards and requirements for conducting global surveys by telephone.

The CATI Center performs research projects that require the telephone surveys across the whole of territories of the republic, both in cities and in villages.

The office of XPLANE company is equipped with a salon for conducting focus-group discussions with the possibility of direct on-line translation.

For analysis and presentation of survey results it is used the software Voto Data Processing & Analysis system®.

All research instruments are formed, tested and deployed in relation to experience and deep knowledge about the characteristics of our market, gained over many years.

Our company is a trusted partner, close cooperation, which allows clients to choose an optimal strategy of market behavior, to react promptly and flexibly to changes in consumer preferences, to make correct marketing decisions.