It is a complex market research that allows detailed analysis of consumer habits and preferences in relation to the researched product category and its brands.


– To analyze the level of the brands awareness (spontaneously, top of mind, knowledge pointers);

– To analyze the level of the advertising awareness of brands ( as an element of appreciation of advertising campaign);

– To analyze the purchase and consumption of brands – the frequency, quantity (volume), place of purchase and consumption situation;

– To analyze the image of brands;

– To analyze the level of satisfaction of brands and the loyalty to them;

– Detecting advantages and disadvantages of brands;

– Characterization of the portrait of the consumers, from the social – demographic point of view, psychographic characteristics;

– Detection of specific characteristics of the consumers group after certain characteristics like psychographic / behavior or rational / socio – demographic;

– The complete and accurate feature of the received segments, the definition of their proportion;

– Defining the segments perspective for the client;

– Definition of tools for achieving the targeted goals of customer’s segments;

The same researche is carried out by the methods CATI / PAPI / CAWI / TAPI, with national coverage with the sample of 1200 resultative surveys.